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Description of Superhero Street Fights: X-Hero Beat Em Up Game

It's time to plunge into the reality of superhero games! Get the most incredible adventure and become to be as cool as a superhero fighter! You're only one tap away from the most amazing superhero game, fast-paced adventures begin right now! Everyone will be thrilled with the opportunity to enter a superhero fighting game where will meet one of the favorite characters. There's nothing more exciting than to study all the secret techniques of the superhero and become invincible. So follow the path of the real superhero and overcome different challenges on your way. Unleash ninja reflexes of the superhero in survival battles and fast-paced boss fights!
Army and police can't handle the increasing of gangster's population. Seems that hope was gone: villain crime lord wants to destroy the life of the city. Like other superhero games you will play as a brave superhero fighting for freedom and justice by any means in fast-paced streets brawls with villains. So take a superhero mask and suit, go to city streets, use mighty claws to make your superhero the real menace for villains. Plunge into the awesome fighting adventure with the ultimate action of dangerous outlaw fights and rescue the city from gangster crime revenge for civilians. Explore various locations from the abandoned subway station to a rooftop of a skyscraper. Be the crime fighter on neon streets of downtown or fight with the mafia in dark streets of the hood. Use the unlimited power of claw blades attacks to knockdown enemies in arcade battles!
Fight with criminals using fighting skills of the best martial arts based on punch, kick and block! Choose your favorite fighting style of hero in this action-packed fighting game and knock down thugs in the battle arena by your own way: use modern boxing techniques or beat enemies by krav maga in incredible street fights! Show them the fury of mutant power! Unlock unique martial art skills and become a master of kickboxing, taekwondo, wushu, capoeira and karate fighting styles. Combine taps of movement and attacks in order to give your superhero some more powerful attacks. Overcome your enemies by learning new kicks and punches, as well as upgrading them to the stunning levels.
Get adrenaline from action-packed battles in the ring with no rules, every fighter can do anything he wants. Rush into the fray first and arrange for the enemy a real mash that he would remember for a long time. Prove that you are the best fighter and you have no equal in survival fighting adventures. Increase the level of adrenaline with a huge number of enemies that you should beat. Each of the fighting masters owns his own special combat technique like krav maga, wing chun, jiujitsu, karate, sambo.
Feel the real power of X-Hero mutant and dominate in various epic battles! Show your skills of fighting and let your character gain the power of a mutant. Become the owner of a special technique of combat and incredible strength and agility. This is the fighting game for vigilante fans and superhero lovers. That fighting skills will help you to overcome hordes of enemies to become the x-hero of the city of dark streets.
Feel the nostalgia of retro arcade playing this beat em up game. Refresh your childhood memories but have the best app with the brand-new graphics, realistic fighting physics of brutal combo strikes in brawling action missions! The great combination of bright and delightful graphics with cool sound effects and music accompaniment wouldn't leave you indifferent!

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